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Recorded Birth Chart Description

30 min recording sent via email; infused with Reiki

  • 30 minutes
  • 92 US dollars
  • Delivered Via Email

Service Description

Please note this is not an interactive or live virtual session, this is a recorded description of the basic elements of your birth chart that will be delivered via email. While you will need to "schedule" a time for this service, there is no meeting or future action needed from you after you book it! You will be emailed the recording no later than the day you "schedule" the service, along with an image of your birth chart. During the recording, I will explain the basic elements of your chart, your main placements, main trends in your chart, and give a few suggestions based on your personal astrology. I am First & Second Degree Usui Reiki certified, and infuse the calming, balancing, and loving energy of Reiki into every session.*I am not preforming it ON you - though you will likely feel the benefits. This service is a great fit for those who are just beginning to dive into the details of their birth charts. This could also be a great fit for those who aren't sure they want to invest in a 1-1 consultation just yet, or don't have the availability in their schedules to do so at this time. My approach to astrology & birth chart interpretations: • All insights, interpretations, and messages are shared with the purposing of empowering, illuminating or inspiring - no fatalistic stuff here! There is no "set" future or way of being. We are continuously creating our realities. I believe the insight from this "tool" of astrology can help us do so more consciously. • I love using astrology as a "tool" for self awareness and growth. Your natal (birth) chart can be used as a map to understand yourself, tendencies, patterns, and potentials. • I will be looking at your chart for information about the different "parts" of you using my knowledge, training, and intuitive instincts. You can expect fun, engaging, and insightful interpretations of your chart. *All insights are for you to take or leave at your discretion - no one knows better than you what is true for you.

Cancelation Policy

There are no refunds available once you book a service. There is no rescheduling with less than 3 days notice ahead of the session time. You may request to reschedule, with at least 3 days notice, via email

Contact Details

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