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Bre Pasqua
Los Angeles, CA

My name is Bre and I am an energy healer, astrologer, channeler and modern mystic. My Rising sign is Cancer, my Sun is Virgo, and my Moon and Midheaven placements are in Pisces. 


I was drawn into the holistic and mystical world by my own healing journey. After struggling with mental, physical, and spiritual health, I had enough and decided to try all the things I could to feel better - including following an impulse to look into holistic and mystical approaches. 


I now identify that pull towards these topics as my intuition, my inner knowing, guiding me to what would be most healing and impactful for me uniquely. Through these years of deep personal growth, healing, and transformation, I've built a relationship with that inner knowing. And it is that inner knowing that has pushed me to open this business and offer my gifts, skills, passions, and interests to help others. 


About Healing with Bre:

The purpose of my work is to help people know and trust themselves more deeply. That knowing, our intuition, is our own personal compass for navigating this life and accessing our most sacred wisdom. 


My services function to support others in their journey of healing and creating the experiences they want. The variety of services I plan to offer are different avenues, different tools to leverage, in figuring out what you want and how to heal yourself - which then transforms your life.


I bring to the table knowledge, training, intuitive gifts, and passion for a range of holistic healing modalities and mystical disciplines. Our life is a deeply integrated experience of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves - and therefore our healing is too! While I believe our intuition is an important place to stay centered while healing, it is critical to attend to our holistic being, all of those 'areas' of our experience, in order to find balance and wellness. 


My services will always be to empower, illuminate, and inspire - and always from a place of love and compassion. There is no fatalistic stuff here! There is not a "set" future or way of being. We are continuously creating our realities. I believe the insights from these intuitive  "tools" can help us do so more consciously. 


My style in discussing anything mysticism and healing related is: practical, digestible, effervescent, and encouraging. You can expect sessions that are welcoming, insightful, supportive, and hopefully some fun! 


Training and Certification:

  • Akashic Records Channeling, Level 2

  • Reiki Degree 1 & 2 (Usui / Holy Fire III)

  • Certified Violet Flame/7th Ray Practitioner

  • Certified Metatron Healing Practitioner

  • Usui Reiki Okuden Degree 2

  • Animal Reiki 

  • Astrology mentorship (focus in chart synthesis & natal transits)

  • Bachelor of Arts - Communication Psychology 


Please contact me by email at with business inquiries and questions. 

Subscribe to my email list and follow me on Instagram @HealingwithBre for updates on offerings.

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