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Imagine yourself...

  • Spending the majority of your time in a state of peace, presence, gratitude, and joy - knowing how to address and dissolve fears or anxieties if they pop up

  • Making time for yourself, for rest, pursuing your desires & dreams, and setting boundaries - without feeling selfish

  • Being deeply connected to your Soul Self and easily sensing & acting on your intuitive nudges

  • Understanding the root of any fear, immediately identifying when you are triggered, and having the tools to manage them so they don’t negatively affect your life & loved ones

  • Navigating conflict with confidence & clarity, being able to articulate your part smoothly, and no longer feeling the need to avoid it 

  • When things go wrong, not taking it personally or starting to doubt or shame yourself - staying in self-compassion & self trust when finding a way forward


Soul Powered is a coaching program with

4 months of intensive

1-1 healing work, but

a lifetime of impact



The Soul Powered 1-1 Coaching Program
gives you have the opportunity to...

Dive deep into your feeling, beliefs, and patterns & do intensive healing work

So you can experience full and complete changes/transformation towards your unique goals

Identify & shift the limiting beliefs you might not have even realized are creating blocks…

So you can breakthrough any unseen resistance to your ideal circumstances & dreams

Learn how to relate to yourself, your feelings, and your fears in a new way…

So you can access the feelings love, peace, and empowerment in any situation and suffer less

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to feel FREEDOM and PEACE from past traumas and want support in processing those experiences in a safe & loving way

  • You have noticed a pattern of unhealthy, unequal, or misaligned relationships and want to understand your part in the pattern to dissolve it

  • You are just starting to realize or identify limiting beliefs, but not sure how to change them or how to identify others

  • You are REALLY hard on yourself and are ready to release self judgment & shame to embrace self respect & self trust 

  • You have big dreams or desires for you life and want to breakthrough resistance to pursue them fully

  • You deeply desire to help others & be of service, but you recognize that patterns of people pleasing & always putting others first is blocking and exhausting you - and you are ready to learn a way to balance both 

  • You feel really anxious about conflict or having hard conversations, and want to learn how to articulate & advocate for yourself in a mindful, mature, and healthy way

  • You have been hesitant to act on your intuition or unsure what feelings are from your intuition, and want to learn how to feel clarity & conviction

What is unique about the Soul Powered program?

  • Bre’s energy activation work & channeling of guidance directly from your Spirit Teams in sessions - to pinpoint & accelerate your transformation and healing.

  • Bre’s intuitive ability to sense the energetic & belief blocks underneath frustrations, fears, and triggers - teaching you how to start spotting & releasing them too.

  • Digital modules that teach you new tools, strategies, and concepts to amplify the work done in sessions.

  • The holistic combination of somatic healing, psychology, physiology, parts work & inner child healing, thought & belief work, spiritual alignment, and energy healing.


Online Modules

Lifetime access to self-paced digital modules, on the

Soul Powered foundations 

4 Months of  1:1 Sessions

Eight 1:1, 90 minute Sessions with Bre, every other week,

over a 4 month period

6  Months of  Messaging

Direct messaging with Bre on WhatsApp for 6 months total,

2 months after sessions finish 

Bonus Material & Discounts

Access to previous workshops; Birth Chart & Tarot Card insights; exclusive discounts to Healing with Bre offerings

What's Included

Modules: Soul Powered Foundations

Part 1

Soul Powered podia  images and thumbnails.png

Creating Safety

Learning the role fear plays in your life

Nervous System Regulation

New strategies for calm & presence 


Part 3

Basics of Trigger Alchemy 

Learning the steps Bre’s Trigger Alchemy process so you can use these tools

for a lifetime

8.08 Webinar Banner-4.png


Discover Your Soul's Purpose

Access to the VIP version of  Bre’s ‘Discover Your Soul Purpose’ Workshop, to support your clarity on

your Soul Calling.


Part 2

Redefining Self- Worth

Why self-worth feels tied to your actions and your level of productivity 

A Life-change belief shift about your worth & value


Part 4

Strengthened Soul-Self Connection

Receiving signals from your intuition 

Aligning to your unique Soul journey 

Confidence in embodying your truest self

Hear From Bres Coaching Clients

"After only a few sessions I started to notice huge shifts in my life.  My relationship with my partner was completely transformed.  I found myself finding more joy and abundance in my life. I began to clearly feel my sense of purpose and I felt more empowered to manifest the experiences and relationships I had been longing for. I rediscovered my creative power and my zeal.


I would recommend this experience to anyone who feels stuck and anyone who desires more fulfilling relationships and experiences.  If you want more joy, love, and abundance in your life, this is the program for you.  It truly transformed my life."

- E.O.

"After working with Bre, I can scale back and not feel guilt about it. I can stick to my boundaries and check in with myself with ease so I can pivot when I find myself working in a way that doesn't feel aligned. I can tap in to my freedom and power more (and realizing when I'm disempowering myself).


I gained tools for releasing feelings or beliefs around limits and my excuses.  It truly is a beautiful container to reveal and face some of the blocks or patterns you aren't loving in your life and get the tools and support you need to shift, transform, and expand into the version of life you dream of for yourself. "

- D.Z.

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Results of Investing In Yourself

Previous clients share what this work gave them:

“During this work with Bre, I've done more healing and growing than it feels I have in my entire life. She helped me meet parts of myself that have been begging me my entire life to be seen, witnessed, and loved.

I’ve witnessed the way I interact with myself, the world, and my perception of reality itself completely change.


My relationship with myself is the most secure it has ever been. I feel more centered, authentic, compassionate, and capable beyond my wildest dreams.


She has helped me bridge the gap to the person I’ve always wanted to be and given me the self trust to follow my soul’s path and make all of my dreams come true."


"Working with Bre has been one of the most transformative times of my life. I've never experienced someone so patient and kind. 


Through our time together, I learned that I'm not stuck. I learned how to process emotions, new and old. How to work with trauma and let it come and go with ease.I now have a new relationship with "perfect" and hold myself to realistic standards. I no longer put other people's problems and worries before my own. I see value in everything I go through. I LAUGH MORE while not taking life too seriously. I have grown a deeper connection to myself and my worth. My anger and frustration towards others has transformed into love and acceptance.


After working with her I find that I have MORE TIME, PEACE & PATIENCE. If you are feeling stuck, unmotivated, angry or like life is hard and frustrating, then I recommend working with Bre. I didn't think I had time to commit to this work, turns out, I didn't have time not to. "

- D.C.

What does a
Soul Powered life feel like?

After 1-1 Coaching with Bre, clients describe:

  • Feeling deep PEACE (for many, this is the first time in your life..)

    • Release of anxiety, constant worry, urgency, stress, control, perfectionism, overwhelm, etc


  • Tapping into true CONFIDENCE

    • Release of deep seeded self doubt, self shaming, self judgment, and low self esteem that keeps you small & blocks your blessings


  • Conscious, authentic, and healthy RELATIONSHIPS 

    • Gaining tools to approach relationships more consciously to create healthier dynamics & attract more aligned, authentic connection 


  • Deep alignment with your intuition & PURPOSE 

    • Clarity and conviction on following your intuition fulfilling your soul purpose 

    • Release of resistance to fully pursuing your dreams


  • Experiencing the magic and miracles of living in FLOW with Love & the Universe instead of Fear

    • Effective strategies to come back to the present moment & tap into your next, most aligned, soul-inspired step

soul powered, square-2.png

Next Steps:

To claim one of the few available spots, schedule a Clarity Call with Bre to:

  • Answer any questions or concerns

  • Ensure this program is aligned to and can support your goals

  • Discuss final enrollment process

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