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Self-Worth as the root of it all...

Fears & patterns rooted in faulty self-worth beliefs hold you back from the life you want.


Fears & doubts about how worthy you are, how important and valuable your experience is, and about how deserving you are of the things you want will leave no part of your life untouched.

It impacts every area of your life.

-The level of self-connection & self-trust you embody

-The quality of your relationships with others

-Your physical health

-Your career success & ability to claim prosperity

-Your emotional & mental health

-Your sense of fulfillment & contentment with your life


Our society and culture perpetuates these wounds and behaviors. They manifest in a number of ways for people:

-The over-giver & under-receiver

-The codependent or people-pleaser

-The perfectionist who can never do enough

-The one who can't speak up for what they need

-The one who holds it all together for everyone & can't stop or let up

-The unsure & hesitant one

-The one who is all work & no play (or rest)

-The one who settles for less than they actually wanted


ALL of these are driven by unsteady or low core beliefs about self-worth.


What if there was a way to uncover the ROOT of your self-worth struggles? To find and truly shift the core beliefs that are fueling the patterns and fears about your "enough-ness"?

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About Valuable & Abundant

This program was inspired by my Akashic Records Channeling Sessions and Coaching Sessions. 9/10 times, the Guides were showing me that self-worth issues were the root to the patterns and behaviors that were pulling my clients out of alignment, peace, and love. 


I searched myself to see what resources were available to help uncover these deep core beliefs and start to heal & shift them - especially while incorporating our souls, our Soul-level Truths, and spiritual tools. All I found were suggestions for how to out-think or practice your way out of self-loathing, or how to practice more self-love. And while these practices can be beneficial they are ineffective when used on their own. 


So I turned to the Guides and asked them -

How do we heal these self-worth wounds?

What do we need to know to actually change our core beliefs about this?

Valuable & Abundant was born from the answers & guidance I received. 

This 5 week program will comprehensively and effectively walk you through each step to truly create healing and change - and to start building unshakable, soul-centered self-worth. 

Is this program for you?

If you are ready to be connected with not only your needs, but desires, and start making AUTHENTIC choices in pursuit of them…

If you are ready to have a reliable process for facing your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs to create ACTUAL change…

If you are ready to start claiming what you DESERVE and easily release what's not meant for or good for you…

If you are ready to feel safe to say NO, set boundaries, and navigate constructive & healthy conflict…

If you are excited to start feeling SAFE, content, and grounded even if others are upset…

If you know it's time to feel GOOD receiving, resting, and prioritizing your joy & pleasure…

If you are ready to connect with confidence and ABUNDANCE while releasing lack & scarcity living…

If you are ready to truly and deeply believe that you are inherently worthy and deserving of abundance…


Then this space, this experience, this program is one you do not want to miss.


Weekly Modules

Lifetime access to 7+ hours of channeled digital content


Group messaging forum for program participants with Bre

Live Calls

Weekly group Zoom calls with Bre for 1-1 work

Resource Library

Custom resources made for the program + recommended extras 

What's Included

Weekly Topics *Program starts Wednesday Nov 15th, with the first live group call on Friday Nov 17th


Week 1

Fears on "Worth" & Deserving

Identifying Fears & Limiting Beliefs about your worth

Re-framing "worth" & "deserving"

The role "safety" plays with the body & mind


Week 2

Building Inner Security & Safety

The key to breaking patterns & re-wiring beliefs 

Triggers as expansion & returning to center

You build your own self concept inner truth


Week 3

Resilience & Self-Trust

Formative experiences about our needs being met

Ownership of our experience & releasing "desperate" energy 

Using alignment & discernment vs judgement 

Bonus: Sex & Money


Week 4

“Value” & Authenticity

Examining your values & priorities 

Using alignment & discernment vs judgement 

Claiming your preferences & desires 


Week 5

Empowerment & Abundance

Generational impact & inheritance of "powerlessness" & scarcity mentality 

Confidence in your ability to affect your circumstances & future

Your joy, pleasure, and abundance in service to the world

Hear From Bres Coaching Clients

"I've done more healing and growing during Coaching with Bre than it feels I have in my entire life. It feels like going hyper-speed in a wormhole getting directly to the root of each pain, each block, each trauma. I’ve witnessed the way I interact with myself, the world, and my perception of reality itself completely change. My relationship with myself is the most secure it has ever been. I feel more centered, authentic, compassionate, and capable beyond my wildest dreams
- M.C.
"Working with Bre, I was able to begin reclaiming my creative spirit and now feel as if I am moving with purpose and joy.  She has helped me rebuild my confidence and love of self.  Bre’s ability to identify the root of my obstacles and help me to identify and overcome them is truly exceptional.  I highly recommend her programs if you are wanting to live in alignment with your greatest good."
- E.O.
"Bre gives me the opportunity to go as deeply as I need to with my thoughts or shadow work or concepts I wouldn’t usually think about. Just being in Bre's presence helps me feel seen, a sense of total compassion, and worthy just the way I am - there is never a sense of inadequacy when I am with her. Doing such deep self reflection in this program has impacted the way I react to tough situations and triggers in my life.  It has made it feel easier to respond out of love"
- D.C.

More questions about the program?

VA podcast link

Watch my podcast episode to hear my take on self-worth and more details about the program!

Will you claim your value and inherent abundance?

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